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Brimsdown Primary School – Identity

  • identity
  • communications
  • strategy
  • art direction
  • web design

As part of the school programme of improvement across all aspects of its environment and education standards, we were entrusted with the task of creating a new identity as well as introducing a number of initiatives that would communicate these changes to the pupils, teaching staff, parents, local community and governing body.

Teachers are fighting a constant battle to produce results as well as well rounded individuals, reaffirming the ambitions of the school and it’s values is key to this end, clearly communicating these was a large part of our undertaking.

The new identity would need to also work hard to attract high quality teaching staff from the outset of the recruitment process. All of this within budget restrictions and affordability.

The teachers know the classroom better than anyone else – we worked closely with them throughout the design cycle.

The brief included a comprehensive review of the school, it’s context and educational goals so the design team could quickly get a real understanding of how the new identity could meet its needs.

We created an identity that was inspired by ‘Contemporary Nature.’ We developed a bold and playful system that delivers a universal visual toolkit of shape and colour that fits together like pieces of a puzzle, transcending culture, language and age group.

– Corporate identity logo and the provision of corporate guidelines for third parties
– School prospectus including photography
– Stationery suite including letterheads and compliments slips
– Signage and wayfinding
– Class, Club and Value system iconography

The partnership between the educationalists and our design team was the key to getting it right. The process alone has created a greater sense of cohesion between the school and the community. The new identity programme has re-energised the school and enabled it to reaffirm its core values and give everyone a fresh new start for the upcoming school year.

In the eight months since the new brand and environment was introduced, Ofsted moved the school from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Outstanding’. In addition Jay Flaxman was appointed a Trustee.