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CanonĀ® – Megatank

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Printer reliability is a key concern for buyers because a reliable device means both less downtime and increased productivity. In the global pandemic this was a message that resonated strongly, with many forced to work from home and concerns over job security.

Independent testing proved the Canon Megatank printed many more pages without requiring intervention than competitor products, therefore in the race to reliability it took first place.

We created a ‘winners podium’ concept but with a modern visual interpretation. A large lighting rig creates a ‘halo’ above the podium to further reinforce the Canon product. A spiral staircase adds gravitas. The lighting theme is red, not only the Canon primary brand colour, but also warm, vibrant and positive (something our research into the psychological affect of the Covid pandemic informed).

The ‘Reliable’ message expands to include the three key elements important to the audience when considering the purchase of a new printer, quality, speed and economy.

Delivering the campaign involved overcoming one major challenge – the inability to shoot in the studio due to Covid restrictions. We decided to go the CGI route. Working closely with our partners, Abacus Marketing, we briefed and directed a visual artist to create every element of the studio and printer models. The accuracy and control over lighting and angles provided a high level of flexibility.

The campaign was rolled out across Eastern Europe, Africa and Arab Emirates regions. In the 12 months from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021, the campaign increased Canons market share by 5%.