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flaim Messenger

  • identity
  • film
  • strategy
  • art direction

Sharing is Rewarding. In the current and forseeable future, brands will need to be geared toward compassion, decency, accountability and transparency. In these digitally saturated times, we hanker for something that is both simple and deeper, notably, a more human connection. Brands that understand and promote the audiences desire for community and fair play will succeed over those that don’t. flaim facilitates the sharing of information across its network using the highest level encryption as standard. What’s more, the more you use the app the more you are rewarded, with ‘flaim coin’, giving even greater meaning to ‘social credit’.

We delivered strategic advice that included insights and colour theory as well as competitive analysis and market forecasting. This culminated in the creation and implementation of an entirely new visual identity. The solution presents an exciting, positive and engaging visual language that we then applied to the App UI/UX design. We also created the strapline ‘Sharing is Rewarding’, and a thirty second animated commercial to promote the new app.

The versatile new symbol seeks to grab attention whilst embodying the spirit of the brand and imbueing it with personality. Three speech/quotation marks, in a variety of styles and colours, represent the many ‘conversations’ that will take place around the world, in multiple cultures and languages – all facilitated by the flaim app. Those ‘conversations’ all point to, and converge around, a central point, a perfect circle that represents not only that convergence but also suggests ‘currency’, a coin or token, that can be earned or won as a reward for loyalty and engagement.

flaim is now available on the AppStore or via Google Play. Read more here.