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Lamborghini® – Huracan

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Lamborghini Huracan

Having unveiled the Huracan LP360 at the Geneva Auto Show, the luxury sports car brand was to make a headline appearance at Monterey Car Week, San Francisco. Most test drives result in purchase. The marketing department had 900 high-quality leads scheduled to attend the show. Seven days prior they planned to run a ‘split-run-test’, 300 would be sent a printed brochure with a slant to the technical aspects of the car, another 300 a similar piece but this time with a more emotional pitch. The remaining 300 would receive something entirely different.

Working alongside imaging partner Happy Finish, we scripted and directed a Virtual Reality 360 film that would get the audience as close to the actual driving experience as possible.

Two virtual reality rigs were used with two Huracan cars, capturing their epic journey as they made their way out of the city taking in some spectacular scenery along the Pacific Coast to Monterey.

Director, Jay Flaxman, “The key was to blend a simple narrative and timeline together with the new tech of the Virtual Reality platform. An emotive soundtrack and effects were used to create a fully immersive experience. “Can you imagine getting that call? For someone that’s a huge car nut? – ‘are you interested in directing a piece for Lamborghini? Can you fly to San Francisco in 48 hours?’ – it’s a dream!”

Lamborghini planned for multiple levels of distribution: the experience was optimised for Google Cardboard, but also available broadly on smartphones with a video-only experience so recipients could view with the hardware they had available.

The limited time campaign successfully grabbed the attention they wanted and ensured the highest proportion of the show attendees kept their appointments. The companies first venture into Virtual Reality will soon be followed by a larger scale project that promises to deliver a very visceral experience for every Lamborghini fan.

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