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  • identity
  • art direction

Mahabis brings innovative comfort to a range of hand-made slippers, sandals and all-day footwear. We helped them to expand their brand identity, providing guidelines across branding, imagery, colour palette and typography.

The objective was to explore the possibilities of an identity in which the personality of the customer base and product usage was to be reflected by a number of graphic communication elements. We started by developing the newly employed strapline so that it would pair with the master identity in a way that felt consistent. We investigated a number of typographic routes to deliver a Primary and Secondary font package, each tasked with communicating a specific brand value. We defined this heirarchy and applied the new typography to secondary brand identity elements like the ‘Innovator Series’ – an initiative that would present a group of well known and up-and-coming figures from a range of creative industries, explaining how their Mahabis made a contribution to their everyday.

Once the brand identity Toolkit was created, we applied the elements, and rules that goverb their usage, to a number of advertising and MarComms concepts. The design was developed in short, weekly sprints.

The exploration of the Mahabis identity is dynamic, fluid and distinguishing.

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