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ROKBOX – Art in Transport

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In the fast-paced, high volume, high value art world of today, the movement of artworks is more global and challenging than ever. Artworks travel to and from a vast network of storage facilities, exhibitions, art fairs, auctions, collections and galleries.

A single artwork might move through three or four continents in just a few months in order for it to be shown to an ever expanding audience. The traditional method of shipping artworks has not changed in over a century.

ROKBOX was founded to:
– Protect artworks better than ever before;
– Create a truly reusable artwork crate in order to reduce environmental impact;
– Combine simplicity and versatility through innovative design.

As the brand develops an app is envisioned that will allow tracking and real-time atmospheric reporting to be visible to the user – a true game-changer.

We were involved from the outset, commissioned to firstly create a name for this innovative new brand and then apply visual thinking to create a complete identity.

Like the ground-breaking product itself, the new identity would have to be bold and dynamic whilst communicating the inherent security factor that is the cornerstone of the brand.

Typography is simple, elegant and contemporary – stripping away any superfluous decorative aspects suggests a straight-forward and honest brand ethos – with a product that may contain priceless works of art, that’s an essential message to communicate.

The second ‘O’ of the logotype is highlighted to draw attention to the main product descriptor. It also provides a mnemonic factor that will aid recall with the target audience and suggests the ‘green’ benefit of this environmentally aware solution (it’s reusable and fully recyclable). The black square (box) device further reinforces the memorability of the brand because it has visual impact and is easy to remember.

Product Photography: Will Amlot