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In a changing world, a timeless brand is an invaluable asset. The events of the past few years have affected us all in different, but no less profound, ways. This means a significant part of the accepted wisdom that is often applied to customer behavioural patterns has shifted or is in a degree of flux.

This new reality is the biggest challenge to face brands in recent times. We must all re-adjust and rethink. A new foundation must be laid. It’s almost easier to ask what won’t change?

Our regular workshop sessions are now weighted toward providing key insights that brands can leverage to move forward in the new landscape. We will present key consumer behavioural trends as well as findings across a number of sectors before clearly outlining how you can apply that information to meet your immediate challenges and longer terms goals.


With the advent of so many new channels and platforms, effective branding that not only communicates your offer but remains relevant to ever-shifting audiences, is more important than ever. But how do you get stakeholders into productive conversations about it?

As the entrepreneur behind the brand or marketing director charged with it’s continued success, you’re trying to get the brand right to ensure maximum engagement and loyalty whilst balancing the immediate objectives of your investors to realise profits.

Our regular Brand Workshops are an effective way of helping you to define your brand more clearly. Making sure your direction is correct from day one can make everything else so much more cohesive and coherent, giving your brand the best possible chance of cutting through the noise and that’s as vital for established brands as it is for the startup.

With over twenty five years of experience of creating and steering brands, big and small, we’re experts in:

– Naming
– Brand Identity – creating, redirecting, new audiences
– Marketing Campaign Strategy – digital and traditional media
– Product issues

We find there’s no better way than a roundtable discussion with key stakeholders, face-to-face (virtually!), to root out underlying issues and drive the brand forward with a new set of clearly defined objectives.

We can help you:

– Define your brands core values and proposition
– Review your ‘look and feel’
– Define your audience segments
– Review your competition
– Review the effectiveness and relevance of your product/service
– Define your tone of voice and the messaging you use to communicate to your audience
– Navigate the shifting Covid/Post-Covid reality and trends

The one hour session is free and without obligation.

So what’s in it for us? Of course we hope that our ideas may spark something that turns into a live project for us but we also very happy to provide inspiration, a new direction and re-energise your team and your brand. Hopefully it also helps to bolster our reputation in a wide variety of sectors and get our name out there.

For the uninitiated it can seem like an onerous task but don’t worry, you don’t need to do any homework, just be prepared to get under the skin of the brand and keep an open mind.

Insight. Clarity. Imagination.

Please drop us a line here to schedule your Brand Workshop:


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