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Hot Cognition – Ai powered sales

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Selling is hard! Human relationships are key, but only 28% of salespeople’s time is spent building relationships. The rest is spent on non-selling activities. The recent advent of generative ai can help salesforces create more client relationships with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Hot Cognition is the first ai sales accelerator.

Hot cognition is where emotions influence your decision-making. It’s the gut feeling, the intuition, and the ability to read signals that guide successful interactions.

In sales, hot cognition contributes to how you build rapport, sense a client’s needs and tailor your pitch to meet clients on a personal level. It’s what separates good salespeople from great closers.

Hot Cognition takes the “cold” tasks off your plate. While you enlist AI to help you drive your efficiency and effectiveness with analysis and routine tasks + processes you capture and store better insight about your prospects and develop better proposals to enhance your close ratio. You’re finally free to focus on those high-value, human-driven hot cognition skills that land deals and build lasting customer relationships.

The result: Increased sales, deeper customer connections, and a competitive edge built on understanding clients as humans.

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