Arcade Pictures Identity

Jay Flaxman Studio has designed a new brand identity for Arcade Pictures, the film and television production company founded by Dominic Norris, Saoirse Ronan and Jack Lowden.


Made in Oldstead Rebrand

Jay Flaxman Studio has designed a new brand identity for Made in Oldstead, the premium fine-dining on demand brand from Michelin Starred Chef Tommy Banks.


Pioneering a New Category – Cold-Pressed Juice – PRESS JUICE

With the mission to be London’s go-to source of organic juice, PRESS provides busy health conscious individuals with just the right balance of naturally extracted fruit and vegetable juices to help form part of their daily health ritual.


Brand Update for Award-Winning Patisserie

We delivered a thorough brand strategy component and refreshed the visual identity of this award-winning bakery to imbue the brand with a link back to it's Belgian heritage and champion artisan founder Rik De Baere.


NARGIS Magazine – Editorial Design for Azerbaijan Publication

The magazine caused a nationwide sensation on its launch in 2012 and quickly became the most culturally relevant and inspirational magazine of its generation.



Building a playful brand with a big mission, we created a full identity suite, web and membership platform for this online health application.


Lamborghini – Huracan

Most test drives result in purchase. We scripted and directed a Virtual Reality 360 film that would get the audience as close to the actual driving experience as possible...


Canon – Megatank

Printer reliability is a key concern for buyers because a reliable device means both less downtime and increased productivity. We created a 'winners podium' concept but with a modern visual interpretation.


ROKBOX – Art in Transport

We created the brand name and identity for ROKBOX - a new gold standard in artwork protection for the storage and transportation of two dimensional artworks...


flaim Messenger

Sharing is Rewarding. flaim is an exciting new instant messenger app that encourages its users to communicate the full gamut of media within its revolutionary platform. In doing so, the user can earn rewards, both financial and eventually through the apps retail partners...


W Communications

Jay Flaxman Studio developed a completely bespoke website refresh for W that communicates the services, energy and creativity the agency delivers for its clients as it earns them attention.


Canon EOS R – Join Generation R

A new generation of storytellers are breaking new ground, Canon's EOS R is their weapon of choice. We've created the brand's latest campaign, one that puts the power in the hands of the audience and asks them to Join Generation R...


MSS Suspension

MSS creates game-changing suspension solutions for the driver who demands the ultimate control of their driving experience. We collaborated with MSS on a new brand identity and strategy that draws on the company’s incredible heritage to position it for the future.



We've recently completed the brand identity for industry changing start-up, FINDA. With Instagram providing a direct channel to commissioning editors, a disruption to the traditional 'Model/Agency' norm is well past due. FINDA wants to put the models back in control of their own careers...


Jason Atherton – Group Website Redesign

Michelin Starred Chef Jason Atherton, wanted a series of websites that function as well as his kitchens. We undertook a complete overhaul of the restaurant group websites to showcase new imagery, add functionality, a provide a better user experience across desktop and mobile...


– Identity for luxury pâtisserie

Pâtissiers are the new rock stars of the food industry. FEYA strives to become the choice for those that want to add taste, colour and a little indulgence to their daily lives.


Patty & Bun – Creating a Cult Brand

Patty & Bun opened to rave revues from customers and press. The hugely successful brand now has seven stores across the capital including the prestigious White City/Television Centre development in West London, discover how we created the brand...



The relentless hype and hard sell involved in the fashion industry means there’s been a slow deterioration of confidence in people’s ability to identify their own sense of style, their own personal uniform as it were. SØRENSEN redresses the balance...


KLVN – This is Not a Golf Bag

Innovation is changing the face of the sports industry. The Golf industry is no exception. It is the change in equipment that is most striking. But what about the hitherto forgotten golf bag? KLVN wants to change the game, quite literally...


Verney/Carron – Health Practice

Verney-Carron Health Practice offers a unique and innovative approach to healing. We created a clean and calm aesthetic that communicates this highly skilled practice...


Mobil Oil – Blue/Silver Grease

In the early 1990’s mountain biking moved from a little-known sport to a mainstream activity. We helped Mobil Oil engage an entirely new audience...


Jinn – Your Wishes, Delivered

‘Anything, from Anywhere, at Anytime’. We were approached to write, produce and direct a thirty second commercial that would be shot on location in Los Angeles...


Brimsdown Primary School – Identity

Teachers are fighting a constant battle to produce results as well as well rounded individuals, reaffirming the ambitions of the school and it’s values is key to this end, clearly communicating these was a large part of our undertaking of creating an entirely new identity and environment.


L.K. Bennett – Brand Refresh

Initiated by L.K.Bennett to reflect the characteristics of their loyal and ever-growing customer base and as part of the company’s ongoing global expansion, the brief was to design an emblem that would aid the brand's move toward a younger demographic whilst retaining their existing customers...


Native Land – Brand Guardianship

Native Land is a prestigious London based property developer whose pursuit of excellence has distinguished them from their competition for the past 13 years. Since creating their identity in 2006, we've continued to manage their corporate visual assets as well as create development branding, collateral and event graphics...


Bentley Motors/GQ

As one of the most prestigious and well respected automotive marques in history. Discover how our work for the brand helped not only leverage it’s distinctly British heritage but also ensure it’s relevance to an ever-changing demographic...


Wirefund – Online Business Loan Company

The UK is home to over 5million small businesses, they represent half of British jobs and 33% of private sector turnover. Borrowing to improve cash flow can sometimes be a challenge for start-ups and established businesses alike. Find out how we helped Wirefund reach our 'nation of shopkeepers'...


POLYNA – Creating an artist – Eastern Europe

We were instrumental in creating a world first; an alternative pop artist – from Siberia. Working alongside industry heavyweights Jonas Quant (Hurts, No Doubt), multiple Grammy winning engineer Phil Tan and Dan Grech (Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Lana Del Rey and Radiohead). But in such a highly competitive field how does a new artist cut through?..


Great Marlborough Estates

Jay Flaxman Studio has created a promotional video package for Great Marlborough Estates, the London based residential development company. The piece acts as a leave-piece intended to replace their existing printed collateral and comes in a clever, business card-sized presentation...


SMART – Show Your True Colours

Not just a car that was smaller and more suitable for our crowded cities, but a car that was as unique as the person driving it, more economical and with less impact on the environment, something that at that time was a niche in the marketplace...


YARAT – The Voice of Contemporary Art for Baku

YARAT is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing an understanding of contemporary art and creating a hub for artistic practice, research and thinking in the Caucasus, Central Asia and the surrounding region.


Supergrass – Life On Other Planets

The bands fourth studio album, 2002's Life on Other Planets is a 40-minute tour of 70s British rock and a summary of Supergrass' own career, merging all of the band's many mutations into one decisive sound.



Insight -
It's business, but not as usual...

The way we all do business has shifted. Brands that are able to pivot to meet their audience’s needs as they navigate these uncertain times, are the ones that will build tomorrow’s foundations. Since 2020, we’ve worked with our clients, their customers and stakeholders to better understand how brands across a wide range of sectors can not only stay relevant today but also know with confidence what moves to make next. Through our partners at Mintel, we can access an unrivaled global market intelligence network. We’re conducting online seminars for prospective clients – one hour sessions that provide vital insights for start-ups and established brands alike… Book now.





Video Showreel

A selection of commercial films we’ve made over the past couple of years for the likes of Bentley, L.K.Bennett, KLVN Golf, Jinn and Lamborghini…


Natalie Duncan – Black & White

Taken from the British Neo-Soul singer Natalie Duncan’s EP ‘Black & White’. Compared to Duncan’s previous releases this single features a more electronic feel and instrumentation with a haunting and soulful vocal. The music video was shot by Paul Ozgur and Tom Geraedts.


Bentley Motors – The New Luxury

Our second film for Bentley follows a couple in their beautiful V8S as they enjoy a day out experiencing some of London’s hidden gems and one or two old favourites.Contributors included Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Rake, Asprey, The Westbury and NEO Bankside. Director: Jay Flaxman


JINN – Your Wishes, Delivered

Shot on location in Los Angeles, ‘Run!’ shows a group of friends trying to get to a rooftop party against all odds. The Jinn App saves the day – each guest has ordered ahead – the Jinn Genie’s arrive with food, drink and few extra surprises… Director: Jay Flaxman. DoP: Eduardo Mayen


L.K.BENNETT – Creating a New Brand

Telling the story behind our work for the British fashion brand, featuring Rosamind Pike and Mariano Vivanco.


KLVN – Changing the Game

KLVN re-imagined the golf bag to revolutionise the way the game is played. A bag that separates allows the player to make better decisions, save time and energy, meaning greater focus on the next shot. Director: Jay Flaxman. DoP: David Myrick


Explore NEO Bankside

NEO Bankside is the award-winning mixed-use development on London’s South Bank. Designed by renowned London architectural practice Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, a set of six-sided apartment blocks beside the Tate Modern art gallery on the edge of the River Thames. We created a film to provide a moving record of the building, it’s location and the experience of it’s residents. Director: Jay Flaxman

FILM - Documentary

YARAT – Contemporary Art for Baku

We were commissioned to write, produce and direct a documentary following the founding artists that formed the collective. Effectively a ‘day in the life’ of these six key figures, the filming took place in and around the streets, landmarks and studios of Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku. Director: Jay Flaxman


Wirefund – Café

Business loan company, Wirefund boasts ‘No Personal Guarantees’ – an industry first in the UK. Cashflow is often a concern for small business, our series of commercials glimpses ‘a day in the life’ of those for whom the brand has made a positive impact, like Dr Espresso, Fulham.


Wirefund – Fishmonger

Business loan company, Wirefund boasts ‘No Personal Guarantees’ – an industry first in the UK. Cashflow is often a concern for small business, our series of commercials glimpses ‘a day in the life’ of those for whom the brand has made a positive impact, like Fishmonger Lorne Mash of Brixton.


Bentley Motors – The Journey

Following GQ Motoring Columnist Jason Barlow as he experiences the ultimate in new luxury, Bentley’s VIP Service, creating his very own bespoke Bentley.


Eurostar – ‘PARIDON’

Celebrating the cities of our lives – London/Paris. ‘Paridon’ is a a melting pot of everything that’s great about them both. This teaser for Eurostar highlighted what makes the difference and introduces a brand new concept for commuters. Speculative work for PR agency Exposure.


Commercials Showreel

A selection of commercials we’ve created over the past 24 months for a range of clients. Music by Technimatic (Tru Thoughts).


POLYNA – Angel Music Video

Russian artist, POLYNA’s debut music video is an epic, frozen fairytale. DoP: Robbie Ryan


Animated Sting for Bedford Road Entertainment

Bedford Road Entertainment was created to bring to the screen stories that have the power to change the way we think, the way we feel and the way we see the world and each other. Our hand-drawn animated sequence captures a moment from the founders childhood where the idea to tell stories first struck him. Director: Jay Flaxman


Mr Invisible – Julian Glover & Omid Djalili

Animated title sequence for this award winning short film concerning a forgotten member of society has a dark secret.


POLYNA – Angel – Making of…

Rehearsals and last minute pre-production elements all come together for the team of choreographers, make-up artists and wardrobe. Interviews with the creative team behind the project.


Wilkinson Sword – The Perfect Shave

Master barber, Dan Gregory shows us how to achieve the perfect shave with the new Hydro 5 Power Select. Director: Jay Flaxman


Brimsdown Primary School

Each class has it’s own animal that represents a specific group of characteristics. We created simple and colourful animated stings for each that resolve to the identity we also created for this primary school in North London.


Wirefund – Animated Logo

A new player has emerged within the UK’s short term business lending space.The platform will not require businesses to provide personal guarantees or indeed any kind of security against loans. Applications are completed online in seven quick steps, a process which is both fast and intuitive.


Creating Future Heritage

Taking a took at London property developer, Great Marlborough Estates how they see the future of the London skyline taking shape.



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The Vaults

A selection of work from our 20 year history, across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries.


Jay Flaxman Studio is an independent design and communications strategy consultancy.

We bring discipline to design with an approach that is systematic, logical and objective. Our work includes: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Name Generation, Campaigns, Web & Digital Design, Art Direction and Packaging.

We see design as a strategic tool. The background work is crucial. Only by uncovering insights, understanding the organisation, its past, its competitors, the industry, its ambitions and its audiences, can you begin to create solutions. It’s because of this homework – leading to a concise and exact definition of the problem – that a clever, elegant solution becomes possible. We help brands determine what to make and do, why it’s worth doing and how to innovate contextually, both immediately and over the long term. This process involves the interplay between design and business strategy. The studio collaborates with some of the industry’s leading creatives and thinkers of contemporary culture.

The studio was founded by Jay Flaxman, a creative with a rich and varied design pedigree. Jay has over 25 years experience in branding and marketing and is passionate about delivering hard-working, strategic design. Jay is a seasoned practitioner in creating holistic brand experiences that frame a message or entity and are ruthlessly consistent from every angle. 

Immersing himself in the varied cultures of the brands he’s asked to collaborate with, Jay enjoys the opportunity to help shape both verbal and visual language, often being invited to contribute at the earliest stages of brand or product development.

Jay’s early work was Influenced by his contemporaries; Peter Saville, Neville Brody, and Michael Bierut, designers responsible for defining the visual culture of the 1980’s and 90’s. His sensibilities also embraced the work of luminaries such as Paul Rand, Josef Müller-Brockmann and Alan Fletcher.

Early work for the fashion and music industry went against the grain of the over-saturated ‘grunge’ approach to design that was prevalent in the early 90’s. Instead Jay’s style owed more to the clean, stripped down aesthetic of the European school of design and communication, paring down copy and breathing white space into his work.

It was Jonathan Kilpatrick of The Kilpatrick Agency that first took a chance on the young designer, commissioning him to lead the graphic approach to the product development of a game-changing line for blue-chip American corporation, Mobil Oil.

In 1999 Jay was invited to lead a twenty member strong design department of disruptive US Telecommunications brand Euphony in the UK. This two year long position saw him deliver campaigns for the company’s landline, mobile and internet provisions, the latter at a time when new brands were pioneers of the World Wide Web.

Today Jay’s entrepreneurial approach to branding fuels his pursuit of new creative partnerships. One of the most diverse portfolios in the industry underscores his ability to craft a universally understood brand language within a wide variety of contexts. In 2001 he formed renowned agency Spring & Mercer. The agency would have two incarnations over its 13 year history; expanding to include interior architecture and interiors in 2010 as a response to the demand for a holistic design language beyond branding.

Jay’s work has spanned the automotive, entertainment, technology, fashion, beauty, food and beverage and luxury retail industries. He has demonstrated to some of world’s biggest corporations that good design is good business and has been instrumental in the reinvention and contemporisation of brands from L.K.Bennett to Bentley Motors as well as creating two highly successful and much loved brands in the food and beverage sector, Patty & Bun and PRESS cold-pressed juice.

He is currently also Creative Director at large for Michelin Star Chef Tommy Banks’ group of restaurants and fine dining on demand brands, as well as Brand Strategy and Creative Director for Abacus Marketing.

Jay is often retained to act as Brand Guardian and sits on the board of several client organisations as a Non-Executive Director as well as holding stakes in a select number of brands that he has been responsible for creating or reinventing – further evidence of his commitment to the studio’s output.

Jay is also represented by Major Players in London.

Roundtable Workshops
On the last Friday of every month, Jay hosts roundtable workshops for potential new clients – recognition that early expertise and advice can often unlock new ideas, challenge conventional thinking and set brand owners on the right course ahead of investment. These one hour sessions are available to both start-ups and established businesses. Our current focus is advising brands on how best to communicate and stay relevant to their audience in a Post-Covid landscape. To take part, please email the studio.


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