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Nicola Jane – Every Body Tells a Story

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  • strategy
  • packaging
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  • web design

Nicola Jane has specialised in the design of post-mastectomy, lumpectomy and breast reconstruction bras and swimwear since 1984. Based in the UK, the brand help to restore confidence to women that have seen their bodies change through breast cancer treatment.

Their customers often feel vulnerable and exposed, sometimes embarrassed or ashamed, uncertain of how to make the right choices or whether they will receive the best advice. Exhausted by their recent experiences, they want to feel safe, reassured, supported, welcomed, heard and ‘seen’. Most of all, they just want to feel like themselves again.

Nicola Jane’s culture of compassion and understanding of the physical as well as the mental impact of breast surgery, combined with their unparalleled knowledge, authority and expertise, means they are uniquely positioned within their marketplace as the #1 breast care professional.

Following an intense period of discovery that included stakeholder interviews, desk research, report reviews, competitor analysis and customer segmentation, we outlined a strategic marketing plan and brand philosophy. Central to this was a Core Proposition “We See the Beauty in Every Body” and the strapline “Every Body Tells a Story”. We created a messaging matrix that employed a unique tone of voice to deliver marketing communications that each laddered up to that value proposition.

We were tasked with re-engaging their existing customer base and generating awareness and relevance among a younger demographic.

This culminated in a revised brand identity that was rolled-out across online, packaging, in-store POS and social media.

In association with Abacus Marketing.