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Berber & Q

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Berber & Q is a very popular restaurant in Haggerston, East London. Since launching in 2015, the restaurant had a strong reputation as a company that delivers Eating experiences that contemporise and innovate Middle Eastern and North African cuisine with creativity and passion.

In the Spring of 2016 the Directors had plans to grow the business by opening further sites across London as well as continue to strengthen the existing business.

Our recommendations stretched from marketing strategy to a full brand identity review and implementation. At the heart of all activity was the need to leverage the reputation and brand equity of the first restaurant and associated brand. The first task was to redefine the company’s mission and values and to articulate that in order to establish an essence that would be adhered to throughout the expansion programme.

Rather than create a stable of stand alone identities for each new restaurant we created a strategy that would use the well established Berber & Q brand to underpin each of the new restaurants. This would also facilitate the cross pollination of the customer base and establish that all important connection between each new entity and the flagship restaurant.

This was of the utmost importance as a homogenous approach would dumb-down the offer and dilute the brand overall, giving each restaurant it’s own personality whilst adhering to the core proposition of the parent brand was essential.