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Some Moments Deserve a Canon®

  • strategy
  • art direction
  • advertising
  • web design

Life’s special moments are many and infinitely varied, unique to each of us. No moment is the same for everyone. Being ready for the moment is essential. Also essential are a number of objects that facilitate the moment, enhance it and allow us to take advantage of it fully.

When it comes to being ready for the moments in your life that really matter, a camera is as important as your passport, your phone, your rucksack, your penknife, your keys, your wallet, your sunscreen. Some Moments Deserve a Canon was the central message, a powerful call to arms to those that have relied on their phone camera, and perhaps been disappointed by the results.

Our first task was to develop a robust strategy that continued our efforts to provide a higher quality alternative to the smartphone camera.

We created a campaign that centered around a number of events, each chosen for their relevance to our target audience. We ran a number of workshops with participants around the world, providing an opportunity for them to tell us about the life moments that really matter to them. We assigned the best Canon camera to each scenario and built a series of studio sets that were populated with an array of objects that our subjects considered essential to enhance that moment, central to them all – the Canon camera. We designed a full toolkit of assets including web. The campaign was rolled out across Canon’s developing regions of Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

In collaboration with Abacus Marketing.