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MSS Suspension

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MSS car suspension kit

Jay Flaxman Studio collaborated with MSS on a new brand identity and brand strategy that draws on the company‚Äôs incredible heritage to position it for the future. The project updates the previous marque and makes it not only the foundation of a comprehensive identity system, but symbolises the product itself. The letterforms suggest the ‘triple-stack’ spring design that allows MSS systems to deliver improved performance, comfort and safety, within one product – and without compromise.

MSS has long been recognised as an industry pioneer, introducing their innovative spring technology in 2013. Our team worked closely with a core team at MSS on the project, led by inventor, founder and CEO, William Blankson, and Ken Moss, Managing Director. The project began with research, insight and development that led to a clearly articulated core proposition and further strategic recommendations before we commenced the design phase.

This renewed sense of focus can be seen in the clean lines of the new logo. The letters of the monogram align as though made in one continuous gesture, emphasising the poise and reactive control that the product demonstrates.

Jay Flaxman led the design elements of the project whilst strategic development was managed by Geoffrey Gray.

We also designed a range of packaging and literature for the brand.